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Hydroalcoholic gel: protect yourself effectively with our 70% ethanol solution

Gel hydroalcoolique à 70% d'éthanol pour la protection des mains

Why is hydroalcoholic gel essential for your daily hygiene? Hands are often in contact with external elements such as door handles, objects and people. They are therefore highly exposed to bacteria and viruses present on the affected surfaces. Under normal circumstances, a good hand wash is sufficient. But during a pandemic, regular and effective disinfection […]

Wearing a mask and hydroalcoholic gel, what consequences for our skin?

If the sanitary crisis imposes new practices such as wearing a mask whenever necessary, and disinfecting hands with hydroalcoholic gel several times a day, these new practices are not without consequences for our skin. How does wearing a mask affect our skin? And how to protect yourself? The skin is the largest organ of the […]

No, stretch marks are no longer an inevitability!

Finally an effective and non-surgical solution to erase stretch marks Many women are affected by the problem of stretch marks. Whether due to hormones, rapid weight change or pregnancy, stretch marks affect many women. Once installed, it is difficult to get rid of them! Although stretch marks mainly affect women, men are not spared. Stretch […]

Classic hair removal Vs permanent hair removal

Let’s unravel the true from the false Saying goodbye to areas of hair is not always easy. Often painful and tedious, common hair removal techniques only offer a smooth result for a few weeks. However, there is an alternative: so-called “permanent” hair removal with E-light technology. It saves time, money and a smile! So what […]

Cryolipolysis: the absolute weapon to resculpt your silhouette effortlessly

Principle of cryolipolyse At the end of the 19th century, in the Nordic countries, riders riding in winter showed a relative melting of the fatty panicle on the upper thighs. In 2007, at Harvard, 2 researchers developed the therapeutic indication and created the 1st cryolipolysis. The principle of cryolipolysis is to suck the fatty fold […]

An Award for New Esthetic!

An award for New Esthetic and CosmEthíc Technology has allowed CosmEthíc to develop the Intense Leg Serum, a new gel with a double action against cellulite and heavy legs. A few minutes a day are enough to take care of your legs with this new ultra-concentrated gel. Its unique formula enriched with Escin (1.2%) combined […]

KEEP CALM we have gel for you!

Gel hydroalcoolique à 70% d'éthanol pour la protection des mains

Why is hydroalcoholic gel essential to protect us? The 70% ethanol hydroalcoholic gel effectively fights bacteria, viruses and any pathogenic element. Our hands are in contact with a large quantity of external elements: door handles, objects, people, etc. They are therefore very exposed to the pathogenic elements that already exist on the affected surfaces. In […]