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Classic hair removal Vs permanent hair removal


Let's unravel the true from the false

Saying goodbye to areas of hair is not always easy. Often painful and tedious, common hair removal techniques only offer a smooth result for a few weeks. However, there is an alternative: so-called “permanent” hair removal with E-light technology. It saves time, money and a smile!

So what are the differences between the classic method and the E-light?

Is permanent hair removal more expensive than traditional hair removal? FALSE

Let’s start with a classic waxing once a month, knowing that waxing is even more regular in summer and a little less in winter.

In 25 years, you will wax an average of 300 times. That is, 31 days at the rate of 12 hours per day

… And a total budget of €18,000. OUCH.

Let us now compare permanent hair removal with a course of 8 sessions then 6 maintenance sessions over 25 years. Fourteen 50-minute sessions will be carried out, for a total of 11:15 hours of time devoted to hair removal, for a total budget of €4,340!

You will have gained 30 days, and saved 13.660 €!

Is permanent hair removal more painful than traditional hair removal? FALSE

The new Elight In Motion technology is painless!

If we estimate 10 tears per classic depilation, you will have shed 3,000 tears over 25 years!

By choosing permanent hair removal, you will smile at least 300 times just thinking about not having to go get waxed anymore.

Can I wax all parts of the body, even intimate ones? TRUE

Permanent hair removal with E-Light at New Esthetic

Yes! Practiced by 54% of women, bikini waxing is popular in our institutes

At New Esthetic, there are 5 types of zones: mini, small, medium, large and XL, and an unlimited package* for each. Our devices use the new ELIGHT technology, for faster, more efficient and above all

Painless for all skin types.

The results will be visible from the first sessions, with a slowdown in regrowth. Generally 8 sessions are enough to eradicate hair. Come and do a FREE test and feel the ELIGHT treatment:

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