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Find out how New Esthetic’s hair treatments can help you improve the health of your hair and restore a dense, shiny head of hair with our hair care expertise.

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What are the different types of hair treatments offered by New Esthetic ?

At New Esthetic, we offer a full range of hair treatments to meet your specific needs. Our treatments include:

  • The deep moisturizer for dry and damaged hair
  • Keratin treatment for smooth and shiny hair
  • Hair therapy to promote hair growth
  • Hair loss treatment to slow down hair loss

Why choose New Esthetic for your hair treatments ?

At New Esthetic, we pride ourselves on providing superior hair care. We use only professional quality products and state-of-the-art techniques to help restore the health of your hair. Our qualified professionals are trained to tailor treatments to your specific needs and to provide personalized follow-up to optimize results.

Stephanie Romano
Stephanie Romano
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Forgive me for my late notice but I was too much in administration in front of such a change, a magnificent result for which I still can't believe it. I have what is called androgenetic alopecia which normally cannot be treated. I wanted to try the microneedling for hair and astonishment, regrowth at the end of the second session... Ladies, I thank you from the bottom of my heart because after 30 years of sadness, I have regained a taste for life and I am no longer complexed. You have opened your door to me, I have opened my heart to you and you have filled me with happiness. Many thanks ladies.

Course of a hair treatment at New Esthetic

Every hair treatment at New Esthetic begins with a personalized consultation to assess the condition of your hair and to understand your goals. Then, the qualified professional proceeds with the treatment using the technique best suited to your needs. You can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Expected results of hair treatments

The results of hair treatments are visible from the first session, but several sessions may be necessary to obtain optimal results. Your hair will gradually be restored, healthier, denser and shinier.

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