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No, stretch marks are no longer an inevitability!


Finally an effective and non-surgical solution to erase stretch marks

Many women are affected by the problem of stretch marks. Whether due to hormones, rapid weight change or pregnancy, stretch marks affect many women.

Once installed, it is difficult to get rid of them!

Although stretch marks mainly affect women, men are not spared.

Stretch marks are scars that mostly form parallel stripes. At first purplish red when they are new, they fade with time. Stretch marks form in areas where the skin is under great tension. It is for this reason that stretch marks can appear during a pregnancy or an important weight variation.

Old or new, discover our care program against stretch marks

The sooner it is possible to intervene on the stretch marks, the better the result will be. When very recent stretch marks (red or pink) are treated, they may disappear.

On old stretch marks, the treatment will be longer, but it will allow to erase the stretch marks very strongly.

To get rid of stretch marks, we have developed a treatment program that combines several techniques and technologies. But the heart of the treatment is based on LED photobiomodulation.

LED photobiomodulation is a new procedure that has shown excellent results in the treatment of recent and old stretch marks. The cold light generated by the LEDs stimulates cellular activity and skin regeneration. By penetrating the skin, the color stimulates the synthesis activities of the cells that secrete collagen and elastin.

The results will be visible from the first sessions.

The number of sessions depends on the age of the stretch marks, their size and the quality of the skin. For a significant result, count on average 1 to 2 sessions per week, for 3 to 4 months.

For optimum results, our stretch mark repair program includes other techniques, in addition to LEDs.

A superficial peel at the beginning and during the treatment, to eliminate the corneal layer and increase the penetration of the LED light. The peeling has the advantage of stimulating cell renewal. It may be performed several times during the course of care.

Microneedling is part of the stretch mark repair pathway. The micro-needles of the RollerSkin will mechanically stimulate the skin, before exposing it to the LEDs.

To firm and smooth the skin, radiofrequency sessions are necessary to stimulate collagen production. The skin becomes thicker, toned and elastic.

Each treatment ends with the application of a repair serum and highly moisturizing cosmetics.

Only the combination of the different technologies proposed will allow to obtain excellent results to attenuate and make stretch marks disappear.

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