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An award for New Esthetic and CosmEthíc

Technology has allowed CosmEthíc to develop the Intense Leg Serum, a new gel with a double action against cellulite and heavy legs. A few minutes a day are enough to take care of your legs with this new ultra-concentrated gel. Its unique formula enriched with Escin (1.2%) combined with bio-flavonoids, ruscogenins, anthocyanins, blueberry and green tea will deeply treat blood circulation problems and eliminate cellulite. The gel has an anti-oedematous, anti-inflammatory, vasoprotective and vasoconstructive action.

Applied twice a day, its decongestant action immediately relieves the feeling of heavy legs and promotes venous return. Escin is the reference active ingredient for improving blood circulation thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous properties. The Intense Leg Serum is part of the Body Care Program range, distributed by New Esthetic.

To place an order, send us an email at info@new-esthetic.com.

The serum is composed of

  • Escine 1,20% (derived from chestnut tree): It is a mixture of saponins, anti-inflammatory substances, for a vasoprotective and vasoconstrictor activity, draining activity and safe and effective treatment for short-term treatment of chronic venous insufficiency
  • Bioflavonoids (hesperidin) from citrus fruits titrated at 50% – protective activity and strengthening of capillaries and microcirculation.
  • 5% polyphenols from Vitis Vinifera leaf extract – antioxidant.
  • 5% polyphenols from Vitis Vinifera leaf extract – antioxidant.
  • Extract of ruscogenin root titrated to 5% of ruscus aculeatus agents and are also suspected to cause constriction of the veins
  • Extract of Vaccinium myrtillus (Blueberry) Anthocyanin titrated at 25% – antioxidant and capillary protector.
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