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Gel hydroalcoolique à 70% d'éthanol pour la protection des mains

Hydroalcoholic gel: protect yourself effectively with our 70% ethanol solution


Why is hydroalcoholic gel essential for your daily hygiene?

Hands are often in contact with external elements such as door handles, objects and people. They are therefore highly exposed to bacteria and viruses present on the affected surfaces. Under normal circumstances, a good hand wash is sufficient. But during a pandemic, regular and effective disinfection is essential to eliminate pathogens.

Our 70% ethanol hydroalcoholic gel is the ideal solution to fight effectively against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Due to its gel-like consistency, it does not run during application and does not require rinsing or drying.

Why choose our hydroalcoholic gel?

At New Esthetic, we have selected a superior quality hydroalcoholic gel, made in Europe and available in a 30 ml resealable pouch for practical daily use. Our product is free of dyes and fragrances, and is specially formulated for fast and effective hand rubbing.

How to use our hydroalcoholic gel ?

Apply a small amount of hydroalcoholic gel to your dry hands and rub them for about 20 seconds until they have completely evaporated. You can use our gel without rinsing or drying. Its pocket size will allow you to have it always at hand, whether at home, at work or on the move.

Our commitments to your safety

At New Esthetic, we are committed to fighting the spread of the virus. We supply pharmacies and businesses open to the public, and we also donate to fire departments and hospitals. By choosing our hydroalcoholic gel, you contribute to the protection of all.

How to order our hydroalcoholic gel ?

You can order our hydroalcoholic gel directly by email at info@new-esthetic.com. We are regularly supplied with sufficient quantities to meet your needs.

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Gel hydroalcoolique à 70% d'éthanol pour la protection des mains
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Why is hydroalcoholic gel essential to protect us? The 70% ethanol hydroalcoholic gel effectively fights bacteria, viruses and any pathogenic element. Our hands are in

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