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Our cares | New Esthetic
Truly exceptional results
​Our cares
At New Esthetic we have developed a real expertise in aesthetics technologies. We design most of our devices, which we distribute to professionals in Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Greece, etc.).

In collaboration with doctors and scientists, we have developed our protocols and treatment paths to offer incomparable results.

OUR PRIORITIES ARE: results, safety comfort

With more than 15 technologies at our disposal, and a full range of cosmeceuticals, our consulting beauticians will offer you a personalized treatment path to meet your expectations.
For Men & Women

Permanent hair removal WITHOUT pain

UNLIMITED sessions for 12 months.

Slimming, Anti-cellulite, Firming

Shape treatments

Personalized silhouette course, combining technologies and cosmeceuticals.

Fat elimination and muscle toning


New Esthetic has developed a non-invasive treatment technology, painLESS, effortLESS and diet-FREE.

Personalization according to your needs

Anti-aging care

The alternative to surgery for a lasting result, more natural and WITHOUT social eviction

Reduction of stretch marks and scars

Skin repair

NO, stretch marks are no longer inevitable. The alliance of technologies and cosmeceuticals in an adapted care pathway, provide an effective response.

Stimulation of hair growth and increase of hair vitality

Hair reinforcement

NEW ESTHETIC offers a range of treatments to help slow down hair loss, increase hair density and stimulate hair growth.

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By bringing together the best of the latest technologies, NEW ESTHETIC offers a complete range of innovative and effective aesthetic treatments.

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Rue Cheranne, 12A

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