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New Skin

Want to look younger and erase the signs of time?

NEW SKIN is our range of anti-aging and skin repair, to erase and erase wrinkles, stretch marks and scarring pigments.

With NEW SKIN, fibroblasts are rebooted, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is stimulated.

The skin is plump, toned and smooth. Wrinkles are blurred and the complexion is radiant! NEW SKIN treatments are perfectly painless, they are even good moments of relaxation.

They are effective immediately, you will see the difference from the 1st session! A cure will allow you to achieve the desired result and sustainably.

NEW SKIN combines the best of technologies and anti-aging techniques, for an immediate and lasting result, WITHOUT surgery.

  • RADIOFREQUENCY : for its tensor effect and to stimulate the synthesis of collagen
  • LED PHOTOMODULATION : to regenerate the cells of the skin and restore all its brilliance.
  • VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY : to diffuse in depth hyaluronic acid and other vitamin cocktails.
  • PEELINGS : to remove dead skin cells and restore skin to its best appearance.
  • COSMECEUTICS : to bring a concentrate of active ingredients and antioxidants in depth.



Photobiomodulation by LED is an innovative technology, painless and scientifically recognized, which uses light rays in a rational way to rejuvenate and repair skin damage, such as stretch marks, scars, radiance of complexion, pigmentary spots.

This technology, originally developed by NASA, has been the subject of numerous medical studies which have proved its effectiveness.

Each color has its specific wavelength and causes an action on the skin:

Red: Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Blue: Healing and antibacterial action. Treatment of acne.

Yellow: Draining and detoxifying effect, immune reinforcement.

Infrared: Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Anti-inflammatory effect.



Time alters our skin. Age, pollution, sun exposure, stress, tobacco all contribute to the aging and relaxation of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles, stain and skin redness.

Radiofrequency revolutionizes the world of anti-aging! It is the first painless and non-invasive care that makes it possible to fight effectively against the slackening of the skin.

By heating the skin deep, the radiofrequency waves will cause a retraction of the fibers while stimulating the synthesis of collagen. The skin is lifted and plumped from the first session.

The radiofrequency allows to treat the oval of the face, the cutaneous slackening of the neck and décolleté, facial wrinkles, jowls, pockets under the eyes, ...



The virtual mesotherapy or electroporation is a new non-invasive and painless technique that allows the active diffusion of active ingredients, or cocktails, without injection (non-invasive technique).

The principle of electroporation (short electrical pulses) temporarily changes the permeability of the skin. Pores are created allowing the active ingredients to pass through the skin barrier.

During treatment, the skin temperature rises by a few degrees (5 to 7 ° C), thus stimulating the production of collagen (tightening and firming effect).



Anti-cellulitis, thinning, anti-aging, skin sagging, hair reinforcement, revitalization, reduction of wrinkles and scars, improvement of the complexion and texture of the skin, ...



Unique, NEW ESTHETIC combines Peeling and LED treatment to amplify the results.

We use the CEREPHARMA Laboratory Controlled range of care which develops innovative and effective cosmeceuticals.

The peel is superficial, it is a light act which exfoliates at the level of the stratum corneum of the epidermis in order to eliminate the dead cells on the surface of the skin. The Peeling, based on salicylic acid, that we propose is soft but very effective, non invasive, painless and is tolerated by all skin types even the most sensitive.

NEW SKIN PEELING in 4 steps :

1.Deep cleansing of the skin



4.Mask enriched with vitamin C, or serum cellular repair

New Skin Treatments

NEW SKIN Jouvence

You want to look younger, or need a facelift but do not want to go through surgery?

The NEW SKIN Jouvence cure is for you. It combines Radiofrequency, LEDs, virtual mesotherapy and cosmeceuticals for:

  • Redrawing the oval of the face
  • Lifting effect
  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Repulping the skin
  • Reducing pigment spots
  • Restore elasticity to the skin

A Cure Jouvence usually consists of 6 to 8 sessions, one week apart.

The cure NEW SKIN Jouvence is also indicated in the treatment of the slackening of the skin of the arms or the belly.

NEW SKIN Coup d’éclat

An important event a performance where you should appear in your best shape?

A "Coup d'eclat" session a few hours to 24 hours before.

  • Radiofrequency face and décolleté
  • Hyaluronic Acid, Mesolift or Serum
  • LED
  • Skin Cleansing
  • Cellular repair cream

Brush Care will smooth wrinkles, erase traces of fatigue, and illuminate the complexion. You immediately get a good looking and rejuvenated look!


To repair the skin, erase stretch marks and reduce scars. Read more


  • Painless and non-invasive care in all seasons
  • Synthesis of collagen and elastin reboost
  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Repulped and softer skin
  • Bright and brighter complexion
  • Red-faced oval face


  • Pregnant or lactating women (precautionary principle)
  • Pacemaker
  • Metallic implant on the area to be treated
  • Significant couperosis
  • Skin irritation
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